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Here you will find further information about what Orleans offers for our remote learning provision. As schools are fully open to all pupils, the only time remote learning will be needed is if your child needs to self isolate as has symptoms or has come into close contact with someone with the virus. In which case they would be provided blended learning.


Please see our remote learning policy for further information.    

Please see our remote learning template guidance for information.


For when school re- opens we will continue to offer the following provision. 

Blended Learning refers to the process of how schools aim to continue to provide access to a quality education for those children unable to come into school due to being ill or being forced to self-isolate as a result of the pandemic. This evolution of home learning will be consistent with the provision offered for those pupils who remain in school. Our approach, wherever possible, will be to ensure what is planned for to be completed in the classroom can be conducted to a similar level at home with pupils achieving similar learning objectives. 

1. If you are ill, there is no need to complete work, just rest and get better.

2. If you are self isolating and awaiting test results, you could access the preview learning provided on the home learning sheet on your Google Classroom/Tapestry.  (please see the Example Home Learning below).

3. If you have been told to self isolate due to being in close contact with someone who has received a positive test, please contact the school office who will email you the correct blended learning activities for your child. (please see the Blended Learning example below).

4. If your whole class has had to be shut down, due to a positive test result, the class teacher will send details of the online teaching they will offer on Google Classroom and activities will be set daily. (see Remote Learning example below).

You will need to have access to Google Classroom - you have been given these details previously and they should be in your reading diary, if you do not have them, please contact the school office. (Please see below Google Classroom Getting started).

For further information on our Remote Learning Policy please click here

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