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Time to celebrate all the amazing learning you have been doing at home!


Emilia has created a beautiful and incredibly informative leaflet about Mount Everest for our Geography learning. Super impressive learning! Keep it up!


Zac has been developing his drawing skills whilst at home, I love that we have been able to see each of the stages he took to create this beautiful piece. Great work! Keep it up!


Leo has been working incredibly hard for his History, Geography and English learning! Wow, so many different types of learning, super impressive! Keep it up Leo this is amazing!


Allegra has produced a brilliant picture of Jim for our English learning, she also sent us a beautiful recording of herself reading the extract using amazing intonation. Well done! Keep it up!



Angus wrote this entertaining poem after being inspired by a book he has been reading. Well done Angus, this is a fantastic creation!


Things, by Angus


Things can get happy if you make a new friend,

Things can get messy if you sneeze out the wrong end.


Things can get painful if you fall on your face,

Things can be safe if you do up your lace.


Things can get weird if you turn upside down,

Things can get nice if you warm a dressing gown.


Things can get scary if it’s on Halloween,

Things can get posh if you talk to the Queen!


Things can get sad if you lose a new friend,

Things are confusing if you start at the end.


Things can get joyful if you meet Santa Claus,

Things can get stressful if you’re doing a course.


Things can get awesome if you get a PS4,

Things are annoying if you slip on the floor.


These are the things that you should now know,

Keep them in mind forever, so

You make sure you don’t start at the end

And you make sure you don’t sneeze out the wrong end!




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