Governors are the strategic leaders of the school.  The Governing Body has overall responsibility for the way the school is run, promoting the highest standards of achievement for its pupils.  Governors help to set the school’s overall aims and objectives and monitor and evaluate the school’s progress towards achieving them.

Role of the Governing Body

Our purpose is to help our school provide the best possible education for all or our pupils.  This is achieved in the following ways:

  • By providing a strategic view.
    We help to set, and keep under review, the broad framework within which the Headteacher and her staff run the school.  In all our work, we focus on the key issues of raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning.
  • By acting as a critical friend.
    The Governing Body also provides the Headteacher and her staff with support and advice, so as to form a good working partnership.  In these ways the Governing Body acts as a critical friend.  Critical in the sense of its responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the schools’ effectiveness, asking challenging questions and pressing for improvement.  A friend because it exists to promote the interests of the school and its pupils.
  • By ensuring accountability.
    The Governing Body is responsible for setting down the aims and overall conduct of the school, while approving the policies and plans which support them. The Headteacher and her staff report to the governors on the school’s performance.  We will then discuss, question and refine proposals, while always respecting the professional roles of the Headteacher and her staff and their responsibilities for the day to day management of the school. The governors are then answerable for their actions to parents, the LA and the wider local community.


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