Orleans Primary School – PE and Sports Funding

At Orleans we believe that physical education provides a vital and unique contribution to a pupil’s physical and emotional development. Our vision for PE and Sport is to provide high quality PE and Sport for all children in school. We aim to provide both competitive opportunities for extra-curricular sport and well planned and delivered PE lessons which develop a love of sport for all children and an understanding of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the legacy of the 2012 London Olympics the government has allocated PE and Sport Funding to every school. The concept behind this extra £9,000 is that schools must spend the additional funding on improving the provision of PE and Sports and ensure this is sustained over a number of years.  This funding is ring fenced, and is allocated directly to primary schools across England. Each individual primary school will be able to determine what they believe to be the most appropriate use of this funding, according to the identified needs of their school. At Orleans we are working with the School Sports Partnership to identify and plan for sporting opportunities as we become established as a full primary school.

We want to make full use of this fantastic opportunity and to maximise the potential of the funding by ensuring that we can sustain the high quality delivery of PE in and out of school.

We will be participating in more competitions with other schools over the next 2 years and will use some of the money to support these events. Funding will also be used to provide essential resources for all Key Stages, teacher training and CPD, upskilling our children to become play leaders and introducing new sports to our children.

In 2016-2017 we achieved the National Gold Sports Quality Mark. This followed on from  2015-2016 when we achieved the Silver Sports Quality Mark to prove our commitment to PE and school sport. To achieve these awards we took part in a wide variety of intra and inter sporting events, participating in events during National Sports Week and competing in a wide variety of sporting tournaments.

94% of our year 6 children can swim their 25m competently, confidently and proficiently. They can do this in a range of strokes and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

We look forward to watching our school  continue to grow and develop over the coming years and our children becoming increasingly more confident and committed to sport on into the future.


Orleans Primary School, Hartington Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 3EN