At Orleans, part of our vision is to ’Celebrate and nurture the children’s diversity, provide equality of opportunities and ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities.’

Throughout the year the children have opportunities to talk about their own beliefs and faiths and take part in different celebrations. The emphasis of these lessons is to share experiences and knowledge and foster an environment that encourages a mutual respect for different cultures and faiths.

As a school, we follow the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames. The objectives of this syllabus are to:

  • foster feelings of wonder and mystery which are often the source of religious experience;
  • encourage the recognition of their own value and importance as individuals;
  • promote social development and begin to understand the significant stages in life;
  • help develop an understanding of religious beliefs, attitudes, practices and rituals that people of all faiths engage in; and
  • to develop their own beliefs and values.

Other religions will be taught to give pupils a balanced religious education, so that they can:

  • acquire knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and insights;
  • understand the influence of religions on individuals, communities, cultures and societies;
  • gain knowledge and understanding of language, concepts, symbols and expressions of faiths they are studying;
  • relate to each other, recognising similarities and differences within and between religions;
  • recognise the significance of interfaith dialogue and the important contribution religion can make to community cohesion and combating religious prejudice and discrimination; and
  • know that some people have no attachment to religious beliefs and follow secular philosophies such as humanism.

Children are encouraged to work to their full potential and develop the following skills:

  • Children will leave Orleans Primary School having an empathy and understanding of people's views and faiths alongside understanding that everyone has right to their own opinions.
  • Pupils will have a knowledge, which enables them to question, and think critically about the world around them.
  • Children will explore a wide range of philosophical topics in a safe environment and will be encouraged to discuss and debate their ideas with peers.
  • Pupils will be able to confidently recall RE knowledge and be able to apply their knowledge and skills across the curriculum.

Each year group will organise their timetable to cover lessons on RE each half-term but these may be blocked together rather than taught as a single lesson each week. Assemblies will be delivered throughout the year to promote festivals and celebrations as well as to provide opportunities to celebrate children’s work and invite members of the local community to come and share their own experiences.



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