Good communication with parents is a very important aspect of our school.  We send out our weekly newsletter to all parents by email on a Thursday. These are then uploaded onto this site so that parents can access them here as well. The newsletters are designed to communicate information to parents and to detail activities which have taken place in school.   Important dates for each half term and what they involve for parents are listed at the top of each newsletter, so please do check each week when it comes out.

As part of pupil voice, we often ask children to tell us what they have enjoyed about events and what they have learnt from them. Quotes from children are included in the newsletter.

We hope you enjoy our newsletters, it’s great to look through them at the end of each term and remind ourselves of how much the school has achieved since the first newsletter of the year.

  1. Newsletter Summer 7 2020-2021pdf
  2. Newsletter Summer 5/6 2020-2021pdf
  3. Newsletter Summer 4 2020-2021 Finalpdf
  4. Newsletter Summer 3 2020-2021pdf
  5. Newsletter Summer 2 2020-2021pdf
  6. Newsletter Summer 1 2020-2021pdf
  7. Newsletter 10th Dec 2020-2021pdf
  8. Newsletter 3rd December 2020-2021pdf
  9. Newsletter 19th Nov 2020-201 (3) (4)pdf
  10. Newsletter 26th Nov 2020-2021pdf
  11. Newsletter 12th Nov 2020Autumn 8 2020-201pdf
  12. Newsletter 22nd Oct 2020-201pdf
  13. Newsletter 15th Oct 2020-201pdf
  14. Newsletter 8th Oct 2020pdf
  15. Newsletter 1st Oct 2020-2021pdf
  16. Newsletter 24 Sept 2020-2021pdf
  17. Newsletter 17 Sept 2020-2021pdf
  18. Newsletter 10 Sept 2020-2021pdf
  19. Newsletter 3rd July 2020 (2)pdf
  20. Newsletter 25th June 2020 (4)pdf
  21. Newsletter 7th May 2020 (9)pdf
  22. Newsletter 12th June 2020 (1)pdf
  23. Newsletter Spring 8- Thursday 12th March 2020pdf
  24. Newsletter Spring 7- Thursday 5th March 2020pdf
  25. Newsletter Spring 6- Thursday 27th February 2020pdf
  26. Newsletter Spring 5 Thursday 13th February 2020pdf
  27. Newsletter Spring 4 - Thursday 6th February 2020.docxpdf
  28. Newsletter Spring 3 - Thursday 30th January 2020pdf
  29. Newsletter Spring 1 - Thursday 16th January 2020.docxpdf
  30. Newsletter Spring 2 - Thursday 23rd January 2020pdf
  31. Newsletter Autumn 13- Thursday 12th Decemberpdf
  32. Newsletter Autumn 12- Thursday 5th December.docxpdf
  33. Newsletter Autumn 11- Thursday 28th Novemberpdf
  34. Newsletter Autumn 10- Thursday 21st Novemberpdf
  35. Newsletter Autumn 9- Thursday 14th Novemberpdf
  36. Newsletter Autumn 8 - Thursday 7th Novemberpdf
  37. Newsletter Autumn 7 - Thursday 24th Octoberpdf
  38. Newsletter Autumn 6 - Thursday 17th Octoberpdf
  39. Newsletter Autumn 1- Thursday 12th September 2019pdf
  40. Newsletter Autumn 2- Thursday 19th September 2019pdf
  41. Newsletter Autumn 3- Thursday 26th September 2019pdf
  42. Newsletter Autumn 4- Thursday 3rd October 2019pdf
  43. Newsletter Autumn 5 - Thursday 10th October (3)pdf


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