Junior House System

When children move into year 3 they are placed into one of 4 “houses.” They are  Richmond, Syon, Marble Hill and Crane, named after 4 local parks. Children are awarded  housepoint stickers for outstanding learning, excellent behaviour, kindness shown to others and great personal effort in their work. Each week in assembly a trophy is awarded to the house that accumulates the most points. The trophy is adorned with ribbons in the colour of the winning house. The aim of this system is to provide additional motivation and reward as well as promoting the ethos of being a member of a team.

Merit Certificates

Merit Certificates are given to children every Friday during our whole school assembly. It is always a surprise for the children as to who is given a certificate and why. This is to ensure  that children really enjoy their moment when they receive their certificate.

Merit Certificates are given by the class teachers to one child in their class each week.  They are given for good work, positive attitude and also to reward behaviour - reasons which all underpin our school values*

 We publish the names of our Merit Winners each week in our school newsletter so that parents and the whole school community can help us celebrate the successes of the children.

*See all School Values



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