History is essentially about people and their development over a period of time. It is our aim that through the study of history, pupils at Orleans will become excited by events in the past, becoming detectives and researchers using primary and secondary sources and through the use of ICT. We aim to foster an understanding of how the past influences the present and help children develop some chronological understanding – recognising the relationship between the periods they have studied.

History is taught using a variety of methods so children gain a sense of knowledge and chronology about the past. They ask questions, investigate, enquire and use this understanding to demonstrate how lives have changed over time, due to significant people and events.

In the Foundation Stage, children begin to discover about History through the events of their own and their families lives.

In KS1 and KS2, children are provided with a key enquiry question for each topic. They are presented with resources/experiences in each session to find the answer to the key question. The children are acting as ‘detectives’ throughout the topic, collecting information to arrive at a final conclusion to the key enquiry question.

Each year pupils have the opportunity to visit historic buildings, museums or galleries to enhance the topics being taught. We have developed our usage of outside agencies to facilitate the use of role play as a method of learning about famous people and events from the past, as well as building up a good range of artefacts to engage children in discussion, questioning and hypothesizing. We have links with Chertsey Museum and benefit from their Topic Box schemes to supplement the school-based resources we provide.


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