We aim to foster a life-long love of reading and writing for all children at Orleans Primary School whilst preparing them for each phase of their education. The children are taught English through dedicated lessons across the school using the Power of Reading. In addition to this, the children are taught SPaG sessions throughout the year in order to secure their grammatical understanding and further develop their skills across the curriculum. We work hard to promote high standards of language and literacy as well as providing experiences that will enhance the children’s knowledge, experience, skills and understanding.

Early Years

In the Early Years Foundation Stage there is an emphasis on speaking and listening as well as phonics. Children have daily phonics sessions using the Read Write Inc scheme. English work is planned through the Power of Reading, using carefully chosen relevant and exciting texts which promote a love of reading, speaking and writing. 

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 all pupils have daily phonics or spelling  sessions which are taught in whole class groups using Read Write Inc.  English lessons (involving speaking and listening, reading, drama and writing) are taught using the Power of Reading. Before a text is introduced to them, the children are given a ‘Hook Lesson’. This lesson is specifically tailored to ignite the child’s interest and give them clues as to what the text might be about. Children are taught the skills they need in order to become confident readers and writers as well as giving them the tools to write for a range of different purposes and audiences. Children are taught SPaG lessons alongside being taught how to plan, write and edit their own work.

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 classes have dedicated English lessons which build upon the knowledge they have previously acquired. The lessons are carefully planned using the Power of Reading. As in Key Stage 1, the first step of their journey into studying a new text is the ‘Hook Lesson’. The children continue to be taught the skills they need in order to become proficient and confident readers and writers. They write regularly and receive feedback and targets to help them improve through marking (both teacher and peer) using WOW and NOW as well as verbal feedback. They build on their skills and SPaG knowledge in discrete lessons and continue to further develop their editing skills.


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