Green day

 We have been working hard to continue being green!  The school took time to refresh the Eco status by updating the posters including ‘top tips’; ways in which we can better our recycling initiatives and encouraging the children to take ownership and create a new Eco code.

HELP - your school Eco Code.

After lots of wonderful ideas and suggestions we have  decided on your school Eco Code. All classes worked  hard to come up with an Eco Code for the school. There were some fantastic suggestions and ideas. This one from Pasteur (2014) was adopted as our school eco code.

All the classes spent time exploring the eight doorways and thinking of new ideas for the school. During our sharing assembly the children were buzzing with ideas about a door way that sprung to life was ‘Purchasing and Waste’. Ideas and work that were presented included Eco pledges, a promise of what the children will do everyday to help. Ways the children can work with the school’s gardener to grow more plants and food on our grounds.

ECO Green Rap!

Here is a Rap written by some of the pupils in year 2 with the help of their teacher.

We come to school
To learn the 3 R’s
Reading, Writing, Arthmetic

But there’s another 3 R’s
We want to shout about,
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
That’s what we’re about!

(Make our school) SUSTAINABLE….
Do you know what I mean?
It is achievable,
We just gotta think GREEN!

Recycle your paper,
Reuse the scrap
Reduce school waste,
That’s the message of our rap.

ECO poems

Please have a look at some of our ECO poems.

Eco Monitors in your classrooms

 Eco Monitors in each class will help remind classmates and teachers to ‘Paint it Green’ by switching things off and recycling.




Eco-Schools Silver Award

 With all your great eco actions, we have been eligible for an Eco Schools Silver Award. Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life.

Find out more about Eco-Schools:

Green Additions to the school during the building works

As our school moved form an infant school to a primary school we have made some ECO changes to the buildings: Thermostats have been added to all radiators to reduce the temperature in class rather than opening the windows and doors. Sensory lighting has been installed in the year 4 and 5 classrooms. Solar panels have been attached to the hall and the old school building. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run electrical appliances and lighting in school.

 Our sedum roof (also known as a living roof or green roof) on the school hall and year 4 and 5 classrooms uses plant life instead of slate or other traditional roofing materials. The benefits of green roofs include: building insulation, providing habitats for birds and insects, improving the air quality, cooling the environment and reducing noise pollution.

Energy Audits

Schools can waste a lot of energy through inefficient heating, lighting, and water systems. We are trying to find ways of saving energy, and money, for the school! In order to do this we had Richmond Council come round to AUDIT our energy use in the school.

Clean and green

Many cleaning products contain chemicals which are harmful to animals, plants and ecosystems. We have changed the cleaning products we use at school to products which are ecologically friendly and smell lovely too! We are also researching energy efficient light bulbs and recycled paper for the school.


We are recycling paper, cardboard, food, batteries, printer cartridges, and putting garden waste to good use. Fruit and food waste can be broken down to make fantastically nutrient-rich COMPOST which we can put in our allotment to help our flowers and vegetables grow.

Click Below for more information on recycling

Paper-free News

Did you know that Orleans Primary School now has a paper free newsletter? We save 400 pieces of paper a week by emailing our newsletter!


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