At Orleans Primary School, we recognise that learning to read unlocks unlimited possibilities so from their very first day with us in Nursery, our pupils are given the chance to explore a range of high quality texts and an introduction to systematic phonics. Phonics then remains a key focus in supporting the children’s growth towards becoming fluent readers and book-lovers, combined with frequent shared story-times and weekly guided reading to aid comprehension.

Teaching children the skills to enable them to decode and understand language to ensure that they become independent, confident and fluent readers at the earliest possible stage is of great importance to us.

All our children enjoy the pleasure of being read to every day.  They are guided in finding and choosing books that they love as well as being introduced to exciting new authors, poets and topics to broaden and enrich their reading diet.

Children take home reading books each week from when they are ready in Nursery and then throughout their time with us right up to Year 6. We have a full range of reading books from a variety of different schemes including Pearson Bug Club, Oxford Reading Tree, Read Write Inc and Collins Big Cat, organised by reading level into coloured bands, including fiction, poetry and non-fiction.


We teach phonics using the Read Write Inc approach to help our children to learn how to read and write. From Reception to Year 2, children will be taught phonics on a daily basis. Phonics is based on learning the smallest sounds which make up words. For example: sh – o – p

Children learn the sounds then blend them together to read a word. To spell, children are taught to say the word, segment it into the smallest sounds then write it. They are also taught to read (by sight) and spell high frequency words (words that they commonly find in the books they read).

Set 1 (taught in Nursery and Reception)

m a s d t I n p g o c k ck u b f e l h sh r j v y w th z chq u x ng nk

Set 2 (Reception and Year 1)

ay  ee  igh  ow  oo  00  ar  or  air  ir  ou  ay

Set 3 (Introduced in Year 1 and continued to be recapped)

a-e  ea  i-e o-e  u-e  ow  are  ur  er  ow  ai  oa  ew  ire  ear  ure  tious  tion 


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