The Computing curriculum at Orleans Primary School aims to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge of computer science, digital literacy and online safety. These skills are embedded across the curriculum to enhance learning and develop application of computational skills. Lessons are planned to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for all pupils through engaging, practical and hands-on activities. 

Online Safety

Online Safety and its importance is taught throughout and across all aspects of both the Computing and whole school curriculum at Orleans Primary School. There is a focus on educating pupils to be responsible and safe users online. They develop their digital resilience to manage the demands of the online world and embrace new developments in technology. 

Please see the Online Safety page of our website for further information as to the teaching and ethos of our school. 

Early Years Foundation Stage

Pupils are provided with a range of opportunities in the continuous provision such as laptops, children’s tablets, recordable devices and remote controlled toys with age appropriate software to develop their early computing skills. They are introduced to Online Safety and how to treat equipment with respect. They begin to develop their keyboard and mouse skills and are introduced to some programmable toys.

Key Stage 1

In Year 1, pupils continue to develop their keyboard and mouse skills and learn how to log on to the laptops and an online platform. They are taught to use technology responsibly and purposefully and are introduced to basic programming skills to create and debug using simple algorithms. 

In Year 2, pupils continue developing their keyboard skills and are introduced to a touch typing program. They further develop their knowledge of programming and data handling. 

Key Stage 2

In Year 3, pupils continue to build these skills as well as developing their understanding of computer networks and the Internet. Their programming knowledge and skills are developed through programmes such as Scratch. Children also begin to explore creating media using video editing software.

In Year 4, pupils use their skills to work collaboratively on projects using a range of Google programs. Children begin to learn about HTML and how this is used to create websites as well as continuing to learn about programming using programmes such as Scratch.

In Year 5, pupils continue to develop their programming skills to create pieces of music and program robots. They will further develop their data handling skills and understand how search engines work. 

In Year 6, pupils develop their knowledge of computer systems through learning about Bletchley Park. The children begin to use sophisticated programming software such as Python to develop their skills. They will also develop their data handling skills and how this can be applied to real-life scenarios. Pupils will begin to consider the history of computers and how this may impact computers of the future. 

Touch Typing

In KS1 children are introduced to the keyboard and begin to practise using all ten fingers for typing.

In KS2 each year group practises touch typing and develops these skills using the program Englishtype to encourage the pupils to develop fluency and speed in touch typing across the years.


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