Art is a subject that includes many skills in a variety of mediums and at Orleans primary school we enrich children’s artistic development through a range of experiences. It is taught both explicitly through art lessons and through creative activities across the wider curriculum. There are many opportunities throughout the year for children at Orleans Primary School to showcase their artistic talents and deepen their interest in the arts, most notably the Creative Arts Week in the summer term. Art is closely linked with DT and they are taught on a half-termly rotation.

  • In Foundation Stage children explore self-portraits and work with clay to create their own minibeast sculptures.
  • Within Year 1 children investigate materials, exploring form, texture and pattern. They further develop their sketching skills in units of work on self-portraits and ask ‘What is Sculpture?’
  • Patterns and texture is a focus within Year 2, as children take inspiration from the natural world in their ‘Mother Nature Designer’ unit of work. They continue to develop sketching skills throughout the year and explore colour through print making.
  • Art and Science are closely linked within Year 3 as children use the topic of Bodies and Insects to further their understanding of pattern, form, texture and drawing.
  • Year 4 offers the children the opportunity to study architecture and go on a famous buildings walk through central London. Furthermore children’s creative skills are challenged as they are asked to explore interesting perspectives in a photography unit. Within the summer term they use Australian Dream-Time artwork to inspire journey themed artworks.
  • Exploring symbolism and the meanings of objects is the focus of the first art lessons in Year 5. Later in the year, the focus moves onto textiles with a cross curricular link to History as children learn about the Bayeux tapestry and create their own embroidered stories.
  • In Year 6 pupils use their various developed skills to explore costume and set design across various cultures and in their ‘A Sense of Place’ unit they focus on perspective and detailed sketching and painting techniques to recreate images accurately.

We have been busy brushing up on our skills and knowledge of artists so far this year.

Have a look at some of our pieces from across the school. Can you spot some super techniques?


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