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We are a community primary school offering education to children aged between 3 and 11 years old. Our school is committed to inclusion and to serving the needs of the children in the local community. Richmond Local Authority set our admissions criteria.  The contact number for the Admissions Department is 0208 547 5569 (9am to 2pm) Information regarding how to apply can be accessed via their website by following this link:

Admission to Richmond's Primary schools for 2021 entry: here





Last Three Years Admissions Information

Information on our admissions for the last three years is linked here: Richmond infant, junior and primary community schools admissions.


Nursery and Reception (School) Tours & Presentations 2020/2021

Under normal circumstances, we would continue to welcome prospective parents into our school for a tour so that they can see our school and feel its warm and welcoming environment. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to do this. We have instead created a Virtual Tour of our school, which includes the following; 

  • A welcome and introduction from the Headteacher
  • A virtual tour of our school grounds including our playground, classrooms, library, Meditation Garden and our Classrooms. This is voiced by our Deputy Head Beckie Bennett. 
  • An interview with some of our Year 6 pupils which details what they think about their time at Orleans.            SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS ON VIRTUAL MEETINGS FOR PROSPECTIVE PARENTS




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Here is a further photo slideshow of our school:   


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Thank you for your interest in our Nursery. We have already held our Nursery meetings for Prospective Nursery Parents both in the autumn and at the start of this term. We are currently collating a list of FAQs which may help to answer your questions relating to the Nursery. Please watch the Virtual Tour we have made, it shows you the interior of the Nursery. We are not carrying out any live tours for parents due to the Covid-19 restrictions which are currently in place. However, we will holding a Virtual Meeting for parents on the 5th July 2021 at 7.00pm which you will be able to join if you have been allocated a place for your child. 

Please remember the following dates: 

Closing date for Nursery Applications: Friday 5th March 2021

Parents will be informed regarding Nursery places: Friday 7th May 2021 


Starting School in Reception

We admit 30 children to each of our two Reception classes. If your child attends our Nursery you will need to reapply for a Reception place. There is no automatic right of admission from Nursery to Reception. Reception places will be offered strictly according to the Local Authority admissions criteria. If you have any further questions please either contact the Local Authority or our school office on 020 8892 1654.

Admission to Richmond's Primary schools for 2021 entry: here

Oversubscription Criteria

If any of our classes are oversubscribed the London Borough of Richmond will allocate places using the following criteria. These are listed in order of priority:

  • Looked after children who are in public care
  • Children who have exceptional, social or educational needs that require their attendance at a particular school
  • Siblings
  • Children of staff
  • Children living closest to Orleans Primary School

Nursery Places

We have 26 part time morning places (8.45 - 11.45) and 26 part time afternoon places (12.30 - 3.30). Offers for places in the Nursery are made using the same set of criteria as for the Reception classes. 

Download Nursery admissions application 2020/21

At Orleans Primary School we do not offer the 30 hours provision on site, however, for parents who are eligible or are keen to have 30 hours, we signpost them to Mandarin Ducklings Nursery tel: 0208 892 2241. Please do contact them to discuss this further.

Secondary School Places

Admission to Richmond's Secondary Schools for 2021 entry: here

In-Year admissions

Richmond Local Authority allocates in-year places and applications should be made directly to their admissions department (020 8891 7535 or ).  Please note: in-year places are only available when a class has less than 30 children. In extraordinary circumstances where a child has exceptional social or educational needs, a place may be offered which will take a class size over 30

Last Three Years Admissions Information

Information on our admissions for the last three years is linked here: Richmond infant, junior and primary community schools admissions.

Submit a school admissions appeal

If your child has been refused a place at one of your preferred primary or secondary schools, you may appeal the decision of the admissions authority. Your reasons for appealing will then be considered by an independent panel.

You must read the guidance below before you complete your form.

Children starting school in September 2020

Please note the deadlines for making an appeal and scheduled appeal dates.

Before you start

You can only lodge an appeal once you have received a letter refusing a place at your preferred school(s). To apply for a school place or to enquire about the waiting list please contact School Admissions.

Special Educational Needs

You should not complete this form if your child has a statement of special educational needs (SEN) or an Education Healthcare Plan (EHCP) as the Authority’s SEN Panel will consider your case separately.

Submitting your form

If you are appealing for more than one child, or more than one school, a separate form must be completed for each.

The easiest way is to submit your appeal using our online form. Paper forms are available if you wish to return by post or email.

You will need

  • Child's details, including proof of residence if you have moved since your original application. This could be a photocopy of a Council Tax bill, or the front cover of your child benefit book.
  • Your reasons for appealing - see guidance below.
  • Evidence to support your appeal (e.g. a doctor’s letter).

The appeal hearing is arranged independently of the Admissions Team, therefore any evidence submitted that you wish to be used in the determination of your waiting list place must also be sent to School Admissions.

Guidance for appeal reasons

Ensure you have read the appeals guidance (pdf, 34KB) before you begin the form.

Please explain, as fully as possible, as the Appeals Panel will read this in advance of the hearing.

If you would like particular medical or social reasons for attending the named school to be taken into account, you are encouraged to provide professionally supported evidence with this form (e.g. a doctor’s letter). These can submitted with your appeal form.

If the reason for your appeal includes difficulties being experienced at your child’s current school, then you should state here what those difficulties are, when they began and the steps you have taken to resolve those difficulties with the school. Please note, it may be necessary to verify this information with staff at the school. Should you prefer this not to happen, please state why.

Appeals for Reception to year 2 may be affected by infant class size legislation. In these instances, a panel can only allow an appeal in very specific circumstances

What happens next

Once your application has been received, it will be processed and you will be contacted about the next steps, including details of how your appeal will be conducted.

Important dates and deadlines

The following appeal dates apply to children starting school in September 2020.

Secondary appeals

  • Deadline for lodging secondary appeals: Monday 20 April 2020
  • Secondary appeals are scheduled to be heard between May and June 2020

Primary appeals

  • Deadline for lodging primary appeals: Friday 22nd May 2020
  • Primary appeals are scheduled to be heard  during July 2020


For more information about admissions appeals, contact:

Phone: 0208 547 5569

It may take the Local Authority longer to respond during peak periods.

We are unable to assist with queries relating to your child’s application, including their position on any waiting lists. Contact School Admissions for more information about these matters.


Orleans Primary School, Hartington Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 3EN