Times Table Gurus!

Congratulations to our Year 4 Times Table Gurus! You know all your times tables: front to back, side to front, upside down and any which way we thrown them at you



Congratulations to Charlie and Ali-Kaan in Pyrenees Class and Matteo in Alaska Range who have joined the Gurus list this week! Charlie, Ali-Kaan and Matteo, your certificate can be found at the bottom of this page - exciting!

We now boast a total of 23 Times Table Gurus in Year 4. Woo!

Can we make it 30 by the end of the Easter holiday? That's 3 weeks away...COME ON!


          Year 4 Gurus:
Alaska Range
Just Finn
Charlie Anna
Euan Zach
Scarlett Juliette
Giacomo Daniel
Ali-Kaan Sam


Roman Evelyn
Vanesse Shayan
Juno Lewis



  Have you got what it takes to become  a Times Table Guru?


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