Reading Competition Dioramas

We have had a huge response to our Diorama Competition

We have had a huge response to our Diorama Competition, it is amazing to see all the different books which our pupils have read and recreated.

Everyone who made a diorama will receive a certificate, which will come home this Friday. We are displaying the dioramas around the school so they can be enjoyed for a while longer!

Mrs Jones had the hard task of picking winners (Mrs Rajput judged 12 Bens Class) which are shown below:


  • Nursery - Amelia
  • Dolomites - Stanley
  • Andes - Henry
  • Twelve Bens - Flo and Margot (joint winners)
  • Rockies - Sebastian
  • Southern Alps - Eliza
  • Drakensberg - Daniel
  • Sierra Madre - Rosie G
  • Atlas - Ayaansh
  • Pyrenees - George
  • Alaska - James
  • Sierra Nevada - Freddie
  • Himalayas - Zain
  • Karakoram - Phoebe
  • Cascades - Tom


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