Year Six to Junior Citizen

On 7th Oct, Year 6 took part in the Junior Citizen scheme in Bushy Park

On Monday 7th October, Year 6 took part in the Junior Citizen scheme in Bushy Park. The children spent the afternoon working in teams discussing the best way to deal with different real-life scenarios. There was a competitive element to the afternoon with the groups winning points for co-operation, making sensible decisions, listening well, answering bonus questions and giving everyone a chance to speak. We are pleased to say that we scored very highly in all respects.

The children learnt how to plan safe walking routes; how to deal with medical, fire and river emergencies; potential threat from a stranger, road safety and how to behave when using public transport as well as how to keep their money safe and avoid potential scams and fraud.

It was a very informative afternoon.

Georgia: "I learnt so many things. It was really fun and proactive."

Reuben: "I went to Junior Citizen and I learnt lots of things to keep me safe."

Ellery: "Fun, exciting, engaging. A good learning experience."

Taylor: "Junior Citizen was fun because we learnt lots of life skills and it was quite competitive."


Orleans Primary School, Hartington Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 3EN