JSO's TFL Stars Seminar

Chloe and Kara, our JSOs were invited to attend a TfL event at the Oval in Kennington

Chloe and Kara, our JSOs were invited to attend a TfL event at the Oval in Kennington. They attended two seminars and even presented in front of other schools while they were there. They collected the Gold Award for Orleans Primary School and I was really proud of the way they represented our school. They were enthusiastic, organised and so cheerful for the whole trip - a lovely day! Mrs Sanderson Turner

Here are their write ups of the day:

Kara and I went to the Oval Cricket Ground on Tuesday to go a JSO/JTA events. JSO means Junior Safety Officer and JTA means Junior Travel Ambassador. When we got there, we were given an ipad and we had some time to so some safety related tasks. We used the ipad to do a survey on the whole event. After a while, we got called into groups and we went into separate workshops. You were put into workshops depending on what level you were at for TFL Stars. We are gold! Our first workshop was about presentation. We learnt how to make sure that everyone could hear us and know what we were trying to say. We did that workshop for half an hour. We had a break and we got to eat food! We then went to our next workshop, where we got our Gold Star and Certificate! It was called Beyond Gold. We learnt how we can keep our Gold and how we could use questions to persuade people to do things to help the environment. I really enjoyed it and I was glad that we went. Our Mascot, Octi, was also with us.

I like how they made you think about things in lots of detail and showed a representation of some ideas that another school did to get Gold and how they kept Gold! Even when we came in they had four different activities set up for us so we didn’t have to wait for all of the schools to come. They included; matching facts, making a pledge, making signs and detecting good behaviours while getting to school. I really enjoyed it and so did our Mascot Octy!


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